Cancer HAS been beaten!

This is a download source from µtorrent for the Cancer Compendium DVD.
Download it and then use it to create a DVD for yourself. 
The DVD is a data dvd containing PDF documents outlining alternative cancer cure protocols, a couple audio files for your MP3 player, and about a dozen video files which describe both the cures that have been discovered for cancer as well as the suppression of each of those works. (Which is why you may currently think they are still searching for a cure for cancer.)

To get the DVD, you will need to use a torrent client to download the ISO file. When you have that file, use your standard DVD burning software to turn the ISO file into a burned DVD.
Download the DVD ISO torrent by clicking here.
to download the µtorrent client or learn more about torrents, go here

This DVD shows cancer was cured years ago...
by several people... at different times... multiple ways.

This information needs to be shared.

Here's how you can help.

1. Download the ISO and make yourself a DVD or two.
2. Re-seed the torrent... in the beginning, this sharing will be slow until more people seed this torrent.
3. Share the DVD with a friend.
4. Make a comment about the DVD on your facebook account and include a link to the source where you downloaded the ISO from.
5. Try to make a viral video promoting the DVD.
6. Give the DVD to your Government leaders and ask them to watch it.
7. Stop "walking for the cure" or other contemporary fund raisers, and instead start a new fund raiser movement that is intended to benefit those from any of the sources on this DVD.
8. Donate some of your own money right now to someone from this DVD collection.
9. If you have the ability, host a copy of the DVD on your server and allow others to link to it from there.

Ideas for Youtube videos you could create:
- expose the modern day hollocaust going on by government offices like the FDA, and pharmasuetical companies as they are directly killing people with their actions by hiding or obstructing the cure to cancer for people who are dying needlessly.
- create an "Occupy Cancer" video... using the modern day Occupy Wall Street movement which targets the drug companies and organizations who are currently the 1% in this situation.
- Try to entice groups like Wikileaks or Anonymous to host sources for this DVD so it becomes ridiculously easy for people to obtain

And finally, pray.  Pray, think positive thoughts, meditate, attain consciousness... whatever you do, (Personally I'm a Christian and have my own personal views on those other things but I know Christians aren't the only ones touched by this) do it with a focus on helping those who are currently suffering with Cancer to be healed and get the help they so desperately need.

Remember, those who want to stop something like this can stop it if there is only one person.  But when there is a movement of the masses, they will not be able to stop it and change will occur.

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